Asylum District


Asylum District

Asylum District is a concept television series that goes a bit deeper into the “Lost House of Ammit” universe. This supernatural, Sci-fi, crime drama explores the world and characters of a vast, yet intricate storyline, designed to enthrall viewers with every episode. Looking to fully flush out the look and feel of the series, the team developed a written seven part mini series, conceptual art, screen test, and a concept trailer. 
Conceptual Studies 
Rebirth Films
Omari Matlock,
Alexander McCoy-Smith


A small city is ravaged by a massive storm, releasing dozens of inmates from one of the countries most secretive insane asylums. Special agent Campbell, a modern day Sherlock Holmes, and Detective Sanchez, a brilliant young tactical expert, are assigned to the case. The manhunt quickly becomes more than either officer is prepared for, with mysterious creatures, government cover-ups and criminals who seem to possess supernatural abilities.

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