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Rebirth Films

Lost House Of Ammit


Lost House Of Ammit

Lost House of Ammit is the flagship film of our “Lost House” proof of concept Universe. This supernatural horror based thriller take viewers into a world humanity has done its best to forget, and or very few have lived long enough to talk about. 


Armed with little more then artistic creativity and a dedicated cast and crew, Rebirth Films was able to create a bone chilling screen test to illustrate the look, tone, and characters of the project. 

Conceptual Studies
Rebirth Films
Omari Matlock,
Alexander McCoy-Smith


 “Humanities greatest sin is how quickly we forget” The sum of man kinds understanding is but a grain of sand to beach or vastness of true reality. A reality full of ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of man’s amnesia. Evils whom has taken up residence in the hearts and minds of humanity long ago, beings whom don’t require your belief or understanding to exist. But despite their unsurmisable malevolence, there exists another being of equal if not greater terror. One forgotten by most except the ancient Egyptians, documented in the ‘Book of the Dead’ known as The Ammit. An emortal entity known for devouring the hearts and souls of the wicked, the living embodyment of Wrath itself. 

Project Stills

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